Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Photos

Kaden had a wonderful birthday being completely spoiled by everyone!
Lots of play time with Dad, Mom, brothers & Grandpa Cox,
dinner at Panda Express, more play time,
and a delicious Mickey Mouse cake & ice cream to top it all off!

Our sweet boy had been counting down the days for months,
waiting for his special day to arrive.
We made a paper chain back in January, right after Jordan's birthday,
so that he could tear off a link each day,
to help him understand just how many days it would be until his birthday.
That really helped him to grasp a little understanding of time
and made it easier for him to wait for his big day!

The excitement in his face, when he awoke on his birthday,
was enough to just melt your heart!

Here are a few photos from Kaden's 6th birthday celebration for you to enjoy!

 Our beautiful family!

 Let the opening of presents begin.

 He loves anything that has lights & make sounds!

 Remote control car from Grandpa Cox

 So excited to have money of his own
for the first time in his life!
Thanks Grandpa & Grandma Edge

 Building with Daddy

 Blowing out the candles on his Mickey Mouse cake

Yum! I love my birthday cake & ice cream! 

 Having fun playing!

All the Cox men!

Happy Birthday, Kaden!!

We are blessed beyond measure 
having the gift of you in our lives!

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  1. Awww! Happy Birthday, indeed! So glad to see pics of the little man having such a great time! I still can't believe he's been home for so long!