Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaden!

Just a quick post to note that today is Kaden's birthday!
He's 6 years old today, and as far as we can tell, he has never had much - if any - celebration for his past birthdays.

It's kind of surreal to be standing in line at Party City and realize that this will be the first birthday card he's ever gotten (most likely). Wow. The things we take for granted sometimes.

The cake is made, the presents wrapped (by the time you read this), and the Happy Birthday banner is up.

Soon after the festivities, we will post some pictures so you can see Kaden in his wonderful, six-year-old SPICA casted self!

We are so proud of our littlest dude, and so thankful for the blessing of his life shared with ours. Thank you  all again for your support throughout this whole thing.

We are so blessed!


  1. Happy Birthday little man! So excited for the Cox family and praying the healing and adjustments and bonding!

  2. Happy Birthday precious one, beloved of God. SO grateful he set you in such a wonderful family. Love, Alida & Rodriguez family