Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surgery Update

Just a quick update on Kaden's surgery - for more immediate and up to date info, continue to follow Annette on Facebook.

Kaden is out of surgery and in his room! Everything went really well, and the doctor was very positive and optimistic about things. Annette is with him now while I spend some time with the other boys. I will be spending tonight at the hospital.

Kaden will be in the hospital for another 3-4 days, and it turns out we don't have WiFi in the room, so posting both here and on FB will be on an as-we-can basis.

Thank you for your continued prayers!! I credit the peace and calmness throughout this whole day to God's favor shining through your efforts. Thank you so much!


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  1. Thank You Jesus for answered prayers! Will be praying.... God's healing....