Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kaden Update: 1-25-12

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Kaden update: evening edition from Steve

It's my turn to stay home and actually get some sleep while Annette tosses and turns on the lovely bedchair next to Kaden.

By this evening, Kaden was still uncomfortable, a bit irritated and generally not wanting to be where he is. The pain meds weren't working as well as we hoped, but when I last spoke to Annette (8 pm) they were going to give him some morphine. This should help and help him to sleep for a while.

Hopefully, he and Annette will be able to get some good rest tonight. He was up most of the day, so he should be good and tired.

Prayer requests: Significant amounts of sleep for both Annette and Kaden. Also, that Kaden's pains from the surgery and the cast would lessen quickly, making life in the hospital easier, and would also lead to a faster return home. Finally, for the other boys as they have been real troopers dealing with mom and dad not around much - at least not at the same time. Life has definitely been disrupted for them.

That's about it. Thank you all for the continued kind words and deeds!!

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  1. I don't do FB came looking for an update. Hospitals are definitely not a place to get sleep - this we know first hand! I continue to pray that Kaden is sleeping well and healing quickly.